These sweet gems will be available during our next lauch date on
Monday, September 20th at 8:30 p.m.

Acorn Collection (including squirrel print) will be available in early October. Keep an eye on our Instagram account for more details to come!

Our Maple Collection of custom dyed solids is delayed due to unforseen circumstances, with an anticipated launch date in mid-October.


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Designed with life in mind

Our apparel is made under the principle that comfort is queen (or king). Like sweatpants, but make it fashion.

Support small businesses

By supporting my small business, you're also supporting small businesses across Canada. There are a variety of Canadian businesses we use to contribute to our brand including tags, website hosting, fabric and notions.

Capsule wardrobe philosophy

Own less, love it more. Build a wardrobe of basics, then mix it up with our brand-exclusive prints and curated collection of on-trend colours.

I ordered an outfit for my little guy after receiving a gift card for The Pine Company. As I went to order I found myself contemplating everything!!! I love so many of the designs and styles. It arrived very quickly!!! Even as a preorder item I might add. The quality is impeccable and it looks adorable on! Thank you!!! I can’t wait to order again. Oh right, I did! Excited to see what comes for adults and future launches of kids products as well.


The Pine Co. items are so well made. My sons bee romper was worn practically weekly, it was always the item that I pulled out of the laundry basket first. My only regret is not finding out about these handmade items sooner!


I wish my daughter’s whole wardrobe could be The Pine Company (and it slowly is becoming that way!). The quality is unmatched and every piece is special. We love it for so many reasons — including the designs and the fact that the clothes last season after season.


The Pine Company is proud to be a member of the noissue Eco Packaging Alliance, which demonstrates our committment to the earth. Our noissue eco-friendly packaging helps keep unnecessary materials out of landfills, and contributes to global reforestation efforts.