Our Process

We do things a little differently at The Pine Company

After years of working with the colours and prints that our suppliers chose to bring in each season, we sought a way to bring our customers a unique collection of garments that would change the game and reflect our true brand identity.

In August 2019 we broke from the pack, launching our first Acorn Collection. By designing all of our prints in house, we can provide trendsetting prints that you can't get anywhere else. They're on brand, they're original, and they give us the chance to unleash our inner creativity. People see our prints and know they're The Pine Company - and that's a feeling we love!

In September 2021 we created our inaugural Maple & Juniper Collections, where we're able to fully customize our solid colours. Garment dyeing allow us the ultimate level of control: everything is sewn up in small batches, then it's dyed to exactly the seasonal colours we're loving. Plus, all of our pieces are made and dyed right there in our community. It really is the epitome of custom small batch apparel.

For the latest information on our seasonal prints and colours, check out our Instagram account: @thepinecompany