Our Home Tour: Started from the Bottom

The first decision we had to make in renovating our 2004 builder basic home was the flooring. We knew we wanted a lighter wood tone; Peter really wanted something lighter than white oak, so we took our time deciding on one that matched both of our aesthetics.

We checked around a few local places and decided on a natural stained Canadian maple engineered hardwood from Superior Hardwood flooring, which is manufactured just outside of Guelph, Ontario. We purchased it from Decorama in Bowmanville, Ontario. 

We decided to do the hardwood throughout the entire house, except the bathrooms, which meant we also needed the stairs and railing done. The stairs were capped in maple, and a custom railing tops off our solid black iron balusters. After scouring Pinterest, we were set on plain balusters with no feet; it's becoming more popular, but was the first time our stairs guy had installed this look. We absolutely love it!

The baseboards are a simple, modern profile which is more cost-effective when renovating a large space; more intriquite baseboards would have easily doubled the cost. This profile also helped to tie in the framing for the windows we chose next, which I will recount on my next entry.